“This is a workshop that will require vulnerability, courage and compassion. It is designed to make you uncomfortable or generate an experience, if any fear or shame about your body exists in you. We are going to see, do and share intimate and absurd things that will show you which area of physicality is holding your resistance or repulsion. If you have it in you to play, you can finally surrender your shame and self-hatred and form an unconditionally loving partnership with your body for life.”


ALL INFO here: healingbyarchetype




Wednesdays from 2 May to 13 June (7 sessions), 7 to 10pm

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The Red Tantra Sessions are weekly meetings in which we practice the technology of the Red Tantra: the tantra of touch and transformation of desire. These sessions are open to tantriks who already followed a tantra sessions series, or have built up experience elsewhere. We follow the same principle as in the regular series, working on tantra ritual, yoga, breathing meditations, touch etcetera, … but with a greater emphasis on couple work and deeper practice.

price for the series: 85 euro. Reservations on studiolalimite@gmail.com

Sunday, 25th of February 2018, 10.30-14h. Kids welcome!

Start your Sunday with a nice, soft movement Tandava meditation, and then join us for a shared brunch.


The Tandava is a practice from the Kashmir tantra tradition: with gentle movement you tune into the vibration of the space around you. You give over to the waves of energy moving through you, dissolving the boundaries between you and the world. In the second phase of the meditation we use music to help your flow to come to full bloom.

For the brunch, you can just come and then you pay a small contribution, or you can add some food to the table. Let us know if you come on studiolalimite@gmail.com.



This workshop by Tantric shaman Anand Rudra is a practicum seminar in which you learn and practice the knowledge of the Kaula Technology of Marmas & Nadis. This course is targeted to people that already know tantra, bodywork, thai massage or any other kind of body therapy.
We will work not only in theory, but work on the basic aspects of OUR BODIES so you can experience do hands-on the power of our energy-physical BODIES!!

full workshop description and practicals here: body dearmour brussels



Monastic Tantra Practice Week – 9-13/4/2018

The Monastery is a trans-spiritual living community in the heart of Brussels. The ‘monks’ live their lives according to a monastic order of the day, and dedicate their practice to the expansion of vitality and being-in-the-world. In this Red Monastery week, we invites you into a ‘monastic day’ rhythm of Tantric practice: tantric meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, dancing and mantra, and a daily ritual to expand and connect to yourself and others.

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3 March 2018 + 24 March 2018 -10-17h – 2 new dates to come and explore the Tantra practice

A Taste of Tantra day is a day of exploration of the basics of Tantra, but also an opportunity for Tantra practictioners to come together and practice more intensely. During this day you will be working in group and with a partner (you can come with your own, or just work with the others) on Tantric ritual, yoga, mantra singing, dancing, breathing and meditation.

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Mondays from 12-14h, 5 February to 2 April

The Tandava is a movement meditation that has its roots in the non-dualist Shaivist Tantra practice of Kashmir. In three phases the body tunes into its natural vibration and the Spanda of the cosmos through gentle movement, both sitting and standing. Inviting the snake to sway her way up the spine, you let the flow enter the body and move you. Both the most simple and the most difficult of practices, the Tandava invites you to surrender completely, to make love to the space, without reserve or expectation…

cropped-majorarcanum_all_print60.jpgPRACTICAL: Just let me know if you are attending: studiolalimite@gmail.com. Participation on the basis of donation.