courses indian kempo and blissful massage


Indian Kempo

Indian Kempo is a body practice inspired by the movements of animals. The repertory of each animal is unfolded by sensorial/anatomic explorations, movement phrases and physical games that lead to experiencing different perspectives with space, time, and the other bodies. There is a wide range of animal movements, such as snake, lizard, tiger, monkey, lion, spider, egret, eagle, and also the warrior repertory, which contains a number of scams, the drunken movements, and handling sticks techniques. The practice aims to use this material as tools for improving self-awareness, creativity and flow of movement.
Indian Kempo is a contemporary body practice inspired by the ancient Vajra Mushti, known as the oldest martial art from India. During the years of 1960 and 1970, through the master Jo Azer, this practice was introduced in Brazil under the name of Indian Kempo. It is still practiced there, by the group Sangha, based in Sao Paulo.
Costs: 1 session 8 euros. 4 sessions 25 euros.
Length : 1 hour 30 min per session
Days : Wednesdays at 10 am.

Blissful Massage

Inspired by Oriental Massage techniques such as Tui Na, Ayurvedic Massage and Thai Yoga Massage, the Blissful Massage Therapy aims the harmony of mind and body. A careful and warm touch, synchronized with breathing and slow and deep movements, brings the patient to a meditative state in which that natural flow and alignment of the body can be reached. Through the sessions, different techniques are used to deepen the healing process and the capacity to relax and receive: oils, cataplasms of argyle, brushings, aromatherapy and music are applied, making each session unique.

Concrete benefits: releases toxins from the body tissues, establishes the bloody pressure, reliefs and prevents pain, promotes a healthy sleep, improves muscular regeneration, and reliefs emotional pain.
Cost : 50 euros per session. Bundle of 3 sessions 120 euros.


Thiago Antunes
Brazilian artist based in Brussels since 2014. Has trained several body techniques, such as Yoga, Kung Fu, Seitai – Ho, Contact Improvisation, Indian Classical Dance. Member of the group Sangha Kempo since 1999, has been teaching, training and researching Kempo for the past 15 years, using it as a basis for his artistic research in dance and physical theatre. Between 2012 and 2014 performed for the dance company Oito Nova Dança, in the plays Xapiri Xapiripë – Lá onde dançávamos com Espelhos, Ciclo – da velhice à infância e Fandango a Céu Aberto. He has collaborated as an artist-educator at the experimental Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo André during 9 years, having directed several performances and plays there, always using the Kempo as a practice for creation of images, movements and text. He performed in theatre plays, TV shows and collaborated in several collectives in Sao Paulo, mostly as director of movement and acting coach. He was indicated for the prize Shell 14º edition, in the category Preparation of Actors.
Studied Tui Na during 2 years at Pai Lin Association in Sao Paulo – Brazil, from 2002 to 2003 and for 6 months at SENAC – Sao Paulo in 2002. Attended several workshops of Thai Massage organized by Javier Sunder during the years of 2000 and 2003. Also, attended workshops and research groups of anatomy and body-consciousness based on M.M. Béziers theory of motor coordination, with Lu Favoretto. Since 2003 works as a professional massage therapist.Massage is very much present in his body practices, as a strategy for bringing up attention to anatomic structures and to improve the contact between practitioners and their capacity to listen to the other bodies.

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