tantra initiation course starts this friday



The Tantra Initiation course starts this Friday, at 6.30. The course consists of 6 consecutive sessions, organised on Fridays and one Sunday  (22/1, 29/1, 7/2, 12/2, 26/2 and 4/3). Everybody is welcome, also for a separate class, although it is recommended to combine different sessions!

You are interested in getting an introduction into tantra? You want to enlarge your bodily capacity for ecstatic expansion? You want to know what all that breathing, sighing, pelvic movement and mantra singing is about? You want to reconnect to your body’s potential for transformation? You are interested in transforming sexual  into spiritual liberation?

Then come and join us into a six session introduction course to tantra practice. We work individually, in couple and in group. In this introductory course we don’t move into naked work, but mainly focus on pranayama (breathing), the mastering of the bandha’s (energy locks), chakra’s and the beginnings of tantra and kriya yoga.

For information or inscriptions:

Price: free contribution for the series, 14 euro for a separate session