New: FOUR-HANDS massage

By Elle and Esdan

This four-hands massage is inspired by different traditions, including Tibetan Healing, Energetic Rebalancing, and Tantric body work. We use warm, intense and gentle touch in a personalised and ritual set-up, in response to your  intention and mood. Through a combination of careful strokes, deep tissue manipulation, and breathing techniques the body opens up in joyful surrender, bliss and awareness. Warm oils and the use of different smells awaken your senses. Two skilled masseurs will accompany you with care and attention towards a full and  transformational relaxation of body and mind.

This massage will relieve emotional blockages, release toxins from the body, alleviate physical discomfort, improve quality of sleep and harmonize your energies. You can count on a powerful energetic and harmonizing reset of your whole being.

Cost: 100 euro for 2 hours (140 euro in combination with an in-depth Tarot reading (+ 1 hour)


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