by Elle


NEW STARTING DATE: Tantra Intro Series start on 20/9 / Tantra Intensive Weekend 28-30/10

Would you like to reconnect to your self? Work on your emotional and energetic body? Feel the life force working through you, healing the body and mind in the flow? Do you feel you would like to a complex and challenging spiritual practice that includes breath work, yoga, ritual and voice? Do you long to connect to yourself and others with love, and discover the ecstatic power of togetherness?

In September we start again a series of 6 Tantra introduction sessions under the title ‘Tantra, the alchemy of Spiritual Love’. We also organise an Intensive weekend for people who want to go deeper into the Tantra experience.

In the tantra we work with the intensification of life energy through breath, voice and touch. We refine vital energy from the lower chakra’s into spiritiual awareness in the higher ones. Tantra practice involves pranayama (breath work), tantra yoga, meditation, voice work and ritual practice. Most exercises are done with a partner or in group to make it possible to come to a transpersonal experience of the flow of energy and ‘love’.

Elle welcomes newcomers as well as experienced tantrika’s to step into a transformative journey. The only thing you need is an open mind, and the willingness to confront your own being, challenge obstacles and learn to give over in ‘active surrender’. In this series we work fully clothed and with respect for the limits of each of the participants, in a safe and supportive environment.

Next to the 6 intro sessions, Elle also organises a Tantra Intensive weekend. This weekend can be followed in addition to the series, but is also accessible to new participants. In this weekend, we dive deeper into the spiritual and transformative aspects of the tantra, combining tantra kriya yoga, massage, ritual and meditation practices in an intense and intimate atmosphere. During the weekend participants can stay at La Limite, and share meals.

Tantra, the alchemy of Spiritual Love
on 20/9, 4/10, 18/10, 1/11, 15/11, 29/11
from 7-10pm

Contribution: 50 euro for the series

Tantra Intensive (weekend)
28-30/10, from Fri 5pm to Sunday 8pm
Contribution: 100 euro for the weekend, 25 euro for food, 7 euro/day for accommodation

Inscribe by sending a mail to elle@studiolalimite.org

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