monastery brainstorm 3


5-8pm:Brainstorm, from 8 on: dinner, please let us know if you would join us for dinner.
Ready to start up the city monastery project! We are looking into different forms to open the monastery for co-monks, participants or thinkers: full-time live-in monks to live, practice, study and work with us. But also part-time monks living in Brussels or elsewhere, joining us for meditations, workshops, or just for a couple of days at the time, to deepen their spiritual practice, find some peace and quiet to restructure their lives and minds, or share their thoughts with a larger group of people.
We would very much like to share these thoughts with you, and also see what would be interesting for you! We really see the monastery as a community, a shared project, and we would like to get your input from the beginning.
So: we organise some informal brainstorm sessions on:

10/8, from 5pm on
16/8, from 5pm on
9/9, same time

There will be tea and sweets, and you are also very welcome to stay over to have dinner with us, but in that case, let us know…
I add here the mission-in-progress, to inspire you, and to open up our thinking process as a start for discussion.

Address: Rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node, metro Madou or Botanique, 10m walk from North Station

I hope to see you there,
Elle & Stijn

The Monastery is a trans-spiritual place for gathering, practicing, researching and sharing our relation to the Unknown in all its manifestations. The Monastery welcomes seekers from all backgrounds to join on a permanent or short-term basis: becoming a monk, following a workshop, or dropping in and out for a bit of peace and quiet. Based in the heart of the city, we propose a space that falls out of the logics of everyday urban life: a place of serenity, expanded time and hospitality, open to all interested.

The mission of the monastery is to rethink our lives and relationship to the others and the world around through actively engaging in spiritual practice and research. Supported by a monastic rhythm of shared meditation, prayer, body practices and meals, participants are invited to develop their own spiritual path through study, individual practices, and community contribution. In an atmosphere of radical intellectual freedom and openness to diverse spiritual practices, understanding of the (non-)self is deepened and conditions for relational transformation are created.

Levels of Paricipation:
The full-time monks live in the Monastery according to a strict but personalized monastic order, based on the vows of Poverty, Devotion and Love/Mindfulness. This means they lead a simple life of spiritual meditation and prayer, body and ritual practice and social service. Since the Monastery doesn’t promote any kind of religious or practice standard, each of the monks develops their own spiritual path within the confines of the common meditation and prayer moments.
The monastic community actively engages in studying and opening up different perspectives on the spiritual life, starting from their own interests and background, and sharing the results through discussion, collaboration, and practice in the monastic life with the other monks. This research practice results in a thorough understanding and adaptation of the monastic order to the live-in community, but also in a workshop and sharing program that invites outsiders into the Monastery to share in het learning process and the research practices proposed by the monks.

Next to the full-time monks the Monastery is open for part-time participation, f.e. to city dwellers that want to take on the opportunity to come by on a regular basis and step into the monastic life as lay practitioners. Our doors are always open and the program of the Monastery is regularly updated online, both for one-day or longer residential visits.

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