PRESENCE AND VOICE / Feldenkrais and voice workshops

by Catherine Delasalle

15/10, 26/11, 10/12, 10.30-17h

Whether you are  a teacher or an actor who  feels strain using your voice
or a  student of singing, and you wish  to find more ease and freedom

or you need courage to sing outside the shower,
or you’re just curious to extend your range of possibilities in a playfull and safe way

In this workshop you will  discover and experience the pleasure of  the sound  bringing your whole body in vibration
The joy of voices sounding together
We will even improvise and create our own music

These workshops are led by Catherine Delasalle
Singer, composer, poet and teacher in the Feldenkrais méthode and EFT
As a singer she works  with numerous musicians coming from the jazz and world music scène and with with classic musicians. She has 7 albums under her name and several collaborations. She is selftaught in music.
And she has explored the voice with David Moss and Meredith Monk
She gives lessons in the international theater school Lassaad in Brussel and in the conservatorium.
She gives private lessons and workshops and accompanies people towards more freedom, creativity, selfconfidence.

Price for the day  60 euro, reservation:


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