LECTURE BRUNCH: kaballah and meditation

by Yaacov Lefcoe – Sunday 18/9 at 12.00pm

Personality changes through meditation: A psychological account.

This presentation provides an overview of personality changes occurring in the course of serious and sustained meditative practice, as described in psychologically sophisticated meditative manuals of Hasidic-Kabbalistic mysticism. A stage model for these changes will be presented and explored in terms accesible to the contemporary psychology of meditation, and psychological understandings of the God relationship. No previous exposure to Hasidic mysticism or contemporary psychology is assumed.


Yaacov Lefcoe, Ph.D, C. Psych is a wandering mystic in the Jewish tradition of restless and ecstatic iconoclasm, who works periodically as a clinical psychologist. Born in Canada, trained as a young man in Kabbalistic thought and method at the Tomb of Joseph in Samaria, he has since gone on to study clinical and transpersonal psychology, and more recently has been apprenticing in Eastern (Yogic, and Taoist) systems of energy cultivation.

Lecture + Vegetarian Brunch: 10 euro, Only Lecture: 5 euro

Reservations: elle@studiolalimite.org


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