Dates: 11/10, 25/10, 8/11, 22/11, 6/12, 13/12, 7.30-10pm

Love. Probably the most (mis)used and least understood term in our daily vocabularies. What do we say  when we say we love (something or someone)? Do we speak about them or about ourselves? Or do we open up a mysterious ‘third space’? Do we renegotiate our sense of identity, of being, of relating? Loving, are we inventing another economy of exchange? Or are we simply disappearing into our projections of the other?


In this reading group, we come together to read texts from different traditions, and compare notes on what it is to love, or to live ‘in love’ within a respectively philosophical, political, spiritual or other context. In a close reading practice, we try to unveil the experience behind the words, the knowledge stored in our own bodies and minds, the intuitions that have never come to surface in clarity.

For the sensitive, experiential thinker, there is not one kind of love. The Hollywoodian version of the word miles apart from the spiritual understanding of ego-less surrender, or the political interpretation of love as acceptance of difference. Walking from Badiou to Krishnamurti, Judith Butler to Chögyum Trungpa, Sara Ahmed and many others, we start to map out the very diverse territories of love and its agency in today’s society.

Everyone is welcome to join at Studio LaLimite. Bring a little nibble, and we’ll take care of tea and a warm space to gather.

Dates: 11/10, 25/10, 8/11, 22/11, 6/12, 13/12 at 7.30-10pm

and LOVE GROUP WEEKEND: 16-18/12


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