Isabel Burr Raty and An Mertens invite women of all ages on full moon evenings to sign up for individual womb blessings and womb healings. Womb Blessings can help women through transitions and changes in their lives, and they can be a way to celebrate and acknowledge first menses, marriage, motherhood, and menopause. Womb healings can help to discover and engage with the feminine powers that lie in the womb, and that are often blocked or underdeveloped.screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-11-59-46
Womb Blessings and Womb Healings are ritual treatments passed on by Moonmother, healer, spiritual leader and writer Miranda Grey.
Both Isabel and An have been initiated as moon mothers by Miranda Grey.

Price: 40€/session of 1h
Dates: Sun 16-10 (World Wide Womb Blessing), Mon 14-11, Wed 14-12 (World Wide Womb Blessing), Thu 12-1, Wed 22-2, Sun 12-3, Tue 11-4, Wed 10-5, Fri 9-6, Sun 9-7, Mon 7-8, Wed 6-9, Thu 5-10, Sat 4-11, Sun 3-12

Place: Studio La Limite, Rue de la Limite/Grensstraat 93, 1210 Brussels

Please register with Isabel or An:
isabelburr.raty@sacrofilms.com 0498 39 35 02
an@collectifs.net 0477 73 55 11

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