by Elle

Elle invites you for an energizing, balancing and deblocking massage, supported by warm oils and scents. We take the time for a long, in-depth session, starting with a little intake and breathing session and a ritual, to synchronize the energies between the massager and the guest. In a first session we work on the massage table, varying soft strokes and more deep-tissue work. If opportune, in a second session we can work more intensely in a body-to-body setting on the mat.

The Transcendental Massage makes use of Tantric, Tibetan and Energy Balancing techniques, to restore the flow of life energy in the body. Although a full-body, sensitive, and sensual massage, this is NOT an erotic session, so no happy endings, but we can guarantee you a blissful, happy experience throughout.

Price: 100 euro

A tarot reading can be added to this massage for 25 euros

Reservations: or send an sms to 0477/80 73 82, and Elle will contact you as soon as possible.

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