Kali, Deconstrucing your innerself … Building up the Divine

(( Transformation by Arquetypes ))


The difference between change and transformative change is this: We change every day—in surface ways. We move from happy to sad or annoyed to bitter, patient to suffering. Those movements don’t fundamentally change us; rather they are part of the human range of emotions.

The transformative part comes in when we take that grief or bitterness or suffering and let it be the catalyst that impels us to a new state of being; that instead of experiencing our emotions as random stepping stones, we allow ourselves to see the path that is forming at our feet and dare to take it, follow it to a new awareness.
The transformative part means we change who we are, instead of merely how we feel.

An archetype is part of the human experience—it is a classic stage in emotional and psychological development and it comes to all of us at different times and in different ways. When we undergo transformative change, we move from one archetypal stage to another.

Archetypes can be a hugely helpful tool when looking at characters and their growth. We know a character must change or grow, attain some new level of awareness and archetypes can be an effective way to tap into that because they can help chart or steer our protagonist’s transformative progress.


  The manifested shakti energy is concived by two polarities space and time. Kala means time and Kali means the one that devours TIME; also, means black !She destroys only to recreate, and what she destroys is sin, ignorance and decay. She is equated with the eternal night, is the transcendent power of time, and is the consort of the god Shiva. It is believed that its Shiva who destroys the world, and Kali is the power or energy with which Shiva acts. Therefore, Kali is Shiva’s shakti without which Shiva could not act. Kali receives her name because she devours kala (Time) and then resumes her own dark formlessness. This transformative effect can be metaphorically illustrated in the West as a black hole in space. Kali as such is pure and primary reality (the “enfolded order” in modern physics); formless void yet full of potential.

Kali the Indu-Tantric goddes has a very deep meaning within tantra. There were over 300 years in which Tantra Kali methods in which the women were the ones that had the knowledge and the practice of the Tantra.  For our purposes, we will try to concertrate at the polarity of the Durga. Not only the shadows but the lights that mother Kali can bring to our transformation.

  • In part the  dark chthonic force, a compendium of what Elizabeth Kubler-Ross calls the four negative emotions of fear, anger, jealousy, and grief, will be the elements to transform.
  • The Five positive aspects of Kali1. I am Beauty – passionate protector of life
    2. I am the Dancer – bestower of creation and restorer of equanimity
    3. I am Wisdom – dispassion that cuts through ignorance
    4. I am Shakti & I am the protector – primordial energy of creation & expansion
    5. I am Rebirth – cosmic memory of all that exists.


Dates: 10 to 12 March, starting Fri at 5pm , ending Sunday at 5pm

Price: 200 euro for workshop, 50 for all meals, 10 per night for accommodation

Address and reservations at Studio LaLimite: studiolalimite@gmail.com, Rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels. max. 14 participants

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