Indian Kempo 

​Indian Kempo is a body practice inspired by movements of animals. The repertory unfolds through sensorial and anatomic explorations, movement phrases and martial  games. A wide range of physical dynamics is explored throughout the training session, improving self-awareness, flow of movement and body intelligence.

Indian Kempo is a contemporary body practice inspired by the ancient Vajra Mushti, known as the oldest martial art from India. During the years of 1960 and 1970, through the master Jo Azer, this practice has spread to several countries, inspiring the creation of a number of different techniques such as Natural Gymnastics, Bio Gymnastics and Animal Flow. 

Thursdays, from 11pm to 12:30pm

Fee: 8 euros per session

Thiago Antunes

Brazilian artist based in Brussels since 2014. Has trained several body techniques, such as Yoga, Kung Fu, Seitai – Ho, Contact Improvisation, Indian Classical Dance. Member of the group Sangha Kempo since 1999, has been teaching, training and researching Kempo for the past 15 years, using it as a basis for his artistic research in dance and physical theatre. Member of the dance company Oito Nova Dança he also performed in theatre plays, TV shows as well as collaborated with several collectives in Sao Paulo as director of movement and acting coach. During 9 years taught at the experimental theatre school Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo André, directing and collaborating on several theatre pieces. 

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