TANTRA INTENSIVE – Falling backwards into Original Intimacy

Weekend workshop 28-30/4/2017, Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

floating twig

This intensive Tantra weekend explores the boundaries of consciousness, experiencing ourselves through the others as spacious beings, expansive and permeable to what surrounds us. The workshop is open to experienced and beginning Tantrikas. We will build trust and togetherness through ecstatic breathing, joyful yoga, massage, collective rituals and tantric couple meditation.

Throughout the days we try to let go more and more: of tensions, of self-consciousness, of anxiety and grasping. We dive into desire and beyond to reach a state of blissful abandon. Becoming one with the all-encompassing Silence that whispers us into being. This is an exercise in active surrender, letting ourselves fall backwards. Trusting we can fall without breaking, we can float without drowning, we can simply be. Together. In space.

The workshop will run from Friday 28/4 at 5pm until Sunday 30/4 at 5pm. Please bring a lunghi (wrap-around shawl in a light material), your favorite massage oil, big towel to lie on, small towel to sit on. Comfortable clothes, and off course your toiletries to keep fresh…

If you stay over also bring a sheet and a mattress cover. We have some blankets here, but a sleeping bag might be useful.

To reserve a place, mail to studiolalimite@gmail.com.

Price: 120 euro + 50 euro for food. If you want to sleep in the studio, 10 euro per night.

Address; studio la limite, rue de la limite 93, 1210 Brussels. 10m walk from north station, close to metro Madou and Botanique.

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