EMBODIED TANTRA WEEKEND with Shaman Tantriko Anand Rudra



30/6: Intro evening The Embodiment of Tantra, mixed group
1/7: The Power of Ritual for Sacred Sexuality, mixed group
2/7. Sacred Touch & Body Energy, yoga and massage day for men

Mexican-Born Tantric teacher Anand Rudra was raised in a Shamanic family, where he got introduced into healing and shamanic work by his father and grandmother, who was a Yaqui Medicine Woman. From a young age on he was attracted to the esoteric, studying tarot, phychomagic, symbology, ritualism and later diving deeply into the tantra and developing shamanism further into his own unique blend of healing and transformational body practices, including massage, transformational yoga, Tantric ritual and healing work, Shamanic embodiment, etcetera…embodied tantra

For three days Anand Rudra will be sharing his practice at Studio La Limite, in an introductory evening (open to all) on Friday, a mixed group ritual on Saturday, and a men’s yoga and massage workshop on Sunday.
What you can expect is a highly energetic and deep-reaching practice, based on the fundemental elements of Tantric body knowledge: breathing techniques, using the ‘locks’ of the body, relating to the energetic body (of the other) through conscious touch, inention and vulnerability.

On Friday evening, the introduction includes the transformational yoga Anand developed and teaches all around the world: the Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. More than a regular yoga asana practice, this form of yoga puts the emphasis on the exchange, build-up and transformational power of energy shared with a partner or in a group. This evening is a great preparation if you want to join us during the weekend.

On Saturday, the group opens up to men and women alike to explore the power of rituals in exploring Sacred Sexuality. The coming together and alchemical transformation of opposites through the act of connecting to your partner, symbolic representation of fusion, or the energetic enactment of such. This workshop opens up the limits of one’s own body to reach out to what lies beyond even the deep intimate contact with your partner: the temporary Union with the Beloved, the reconnection to your own Source and being.

On Sunday, the Sacred Touch & Body Energy group explores the power of relating in an all male setting: what is the specificity of the male energy, of bonding and relating in a closed men’s circle? How to make the energies flow from body to body, to build up a strongly energetic, cleansing and transformational experience. Through yoga and an extensive massage session, the participants touch not only upon each other’s bodyminds, but also their energetic and emotional landscapes, their hidden resistances and desires, their power and weakness.

intro Evening, 6-10pm, 45 euro
The Power of Ritual for Sacred Sexuality, 9-6pm, 100 euro + 15 euro for lunch, tea, fruit
Sacred Touch & Body Energy (only for men), 9-6pm: 100 euro + 15 euro for lunch, tea, fruit

Intro + One Day: 130 euro, all-in
Intro + Two Days: 230 euro, all-in
Sleeping over in the studio is possible, for 10 euro per night, breakfast included.

info and reservation: studiolalimite@gmail.com
location: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels
easily reachable by train and public transport (close to North Station)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Geert Goossens says:

    Dag Elke, ik heb interesse om deze workshop te volgen, maar weet niet of ik het fysiek aankan. Ik ben momenteel aan het revalideren van een knie operatie en kan mijn rechter knie slechts 90 graden plooien.
    Wil je mij eens bellen a.u.b.? Geert Goossens 0476/224736


    1. hallo geert, momenteel niet bij een telefoon. maar knie blessure zou normaal wel moeten kunnen. in welke dagen ben je geinteresseerd?


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