with Catherine Delasalle – New Series starting on Monday 11/9, 10.30-11.30

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® is a revolutionary approach for improving both physical and mental functioning through the exploration of body movement patterns and the use of attention.

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of somatic education, developed over 40 years of study and research by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is a revolutionary approach to understanding human functioning and for improving both physical and mental performance. It utilizes movement and attention to enhance our natural ability to discover, learn, change and continue to develop throughout our lives. It is applicable to anyone wanting to enhance the quality of his or her everyday life and activities.

Rather than teaching ‘the right’ way to move it provides you with ‘more choices’ of how you might move; so depending on your own structure, the context you are in and the action you are intending, you can choose the most efficient and most comfortable way of acting.

Throughout the world, the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of somatic education is growing in recognition and in its relevance in the sciences, the arts and rehabilitation. The applications of the method range from reducing pain, improving orthopedic, neurological and learning difficulties, to enhancing performance of professional athletes, dancers, musicians, and actors. People from all walks of life are drawn to the method for its ability to achieve greater levels of comfort, increase mobility and range of motion, improve coordination and flexibility, expand self–awareness, enhance self image and evoke greater clarity and vitality.

For a separate lesson : 15 euro

Catherine Delasalle was born in Paris. She lives in Belgium where she developped her career as a singer, writer, composer and teacher. She recorded 7 albums under her name with excellent musicians from the jazz, classical or world-music scene
She is an official teacher of the Feldenkrais method after 4 year training in Paris. She completes this approach with Body Mind Centering and Lichtenberg method and her experience as performer.
She teaches since 25 years to actors, musicians, singers, in theater schools (since 2002 in the International theater school Lassaad) and in academies and conservatoriums.
She regularly gives workshops in France and Belgium, private coaching and Functional Integration.. She is also a practitioner of EFT, a psycho-energetic approach that allows her to help people identify and move on from blocks that are holding them back in life, a perfect complement to the Feldenkrais method.
Anybody can profit from her accompaniment whether it’s about a physical pain, a chronic disease, an accident, an emotional crisis…

facebook : Catherine Delasalle workshops & concerts

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