The cobra breath is a tantric breathing and visualization technique. In essence, it is an energy-building breath. You can use it to awaken the creator’s energy (Kundalini) that lies in the first Chakra and start circulating her inside your body.
It is used to expand consciousness, and it can lead to states of bliss and joy. Moving kundalini energy through the body is also rejuvenating for organs and aiding cellular processes. It is a great preparation for meditation and sacred union rituals.You can learn to amplify and transmute sexual energy becoming the choreographer of your life and energy.

In our times, the best know method comes from Babaji, a Himalayan yogi of great power and wisdom. Kriya masters have said that a million disease-free years of life on this planet are required to evolve a perfected brain capable of experiencing Cosmic Consciousness. Kriya practice enables one to move at a much faster pace, since each Cobra Breath produces one year of spiritual maturation.

The Cobra Breath pulls Shakti (or magnetic) energy into the spine, changing the electromagnetic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid, allowing Kundalini to move up the spine. As the brain bathes in this magnetized fluid, the nervous system is transformed, and you awaken to a new consciousness. Also stimulates directly the upper gland system; pineal and pituitary. This stimulation opens the Sidha system of the Subtile body; the capability of the human being to sharp the basic senses but also those ones that are hidden as intuition. In ancient times, it was a way to connect faster with the Paramatma (the super soul), with our divine, with inner wisdom and with the Supra-Consious.


FULL WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION? click CobraCourse01Brussels

Please reserve your place by sending a mail to once we get your reservation, you can pay 465 euro (390 euro for the course + 75 euro for the food) through PayPal, using the link studiolalimite/465. or transfer the money to the account of THE MONASTERY vzw on BE67 7340 4388 0987, KREDBEBB. once we have received your payment (and only then!) your reservation is definitive.

If you would like to sleep over, you can pay when you arrive. please pay as soon as your reservation is confirmed. we only have limited spaces available.

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