7/12/2017 at 10-11.30am

Meditative art is a course for all those who want to connect the spiritual practice of meditation to their inner creativity. We will be doing meditative art together as a group but each of us will be working individually.


Through the practice of meditative art, we reconnect to the present moment and our higher self, or the higher power. The purpose of this course is to step out of doing and into Being.

It is a call to our awareness, our inner calmness and peacefulness. You do not have to have any experience with art beforehand to join this course. Only a desire to encounter the colourful and creative force that lies inside.


Venue: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

First Session: 7/12/2017 at 10-11.30am

What to bring: If you have art material that you wish to bring to this class you are welcome to, otherwise there will be paper, felt pens, coloured pencils and crayons available.

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