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QI GONG with Nicolas Galeazzi


a home grown Qi Gong for autodidacts

December 5th ; 12th and 19th. January 16th; 23rd; 30th. always at 8.30 AM

Qi Gong is a ancient Asian ‘health care system’ that is the basis for many martial arts, therapies, and dance practices. With simple movements and meditations it helps cultivating on a daily bases the flow of energies in your body. I’m practicing qi gong since more the 20 years on an off – mainly on my own. I discover my body, I check my feelings, I stretch and bend my soul.
In this weekly meeting I would like to share the search and experience of home growing qi gong. On an experimental base we try to discover the effects of simulating the energetic cortex of our bodies on our mind, compare the experience with each other and cross-check it with the multiple literature available.