1 to 4 February 2018

We all know the feeling of being caught up in desire, to be pulled by a magnetic attraction. Out of our secure nest, our certainties. To desire is to become fluid, to dissolve, to flow out into the world. To forget who we are, even if only for a little while. In desire we lose form, our bodies become permeable to the energy of the other. No longer separated, we melt into the skin and smell, the marrow and bone of our partners. To flow like honey, to melt like wax, to finally become, and become and become…
To desire is to be seduced out in the open, to challenge your presumptions and give over to the unknown. Unlike other traditions, the Tantra does not fight desire, but follows its flow into the world, into the other, into the infinite.Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 11.22.40

To Desire and Beyond is an invitation to open up to this unknown, jump into the dark deep well of pleasure and fear. We will work in couples, with your own partner or with a temporary one. Since this is a workshop in which we will move into spiritual intimacy (not intercourse or explicit sex acts), we need you to come with openness and willingness to let go of your secure harness, and dive into the pleasure of exploration and connection.

We dive into the well, to come up the other side, refreshed and transformed.

Dates: Thu 1/2/2018, 10AM to Sunday 4/2/2018, 5pm
Price: 220 euro + 50 euro for food
Accomodation: there are a lot of hostels and hotels around, but you can also spend the night in the studio (shared sleeping space) for 5 euro per night.
What to bring: a sarong, comforable clothes, your favorite massage oil, an object of desire
Coming alone? We try to match up people that come alone to possible partners, please indicate if you would like to work with a man or a woman and we will let you know if there is someone on the list.


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