INSIDE OUT with Shosha van Kranendonk


A journey through moving, drawing and meditation

Starting from openness,


recognizing whatever comes to us,

from a place of don’t know, not sure.

This is the basic ground of which our curiosity can rise,

untamed by conceptual thinking,

untamed by history”.

Inline image 1treesosha
If your body could speak, what would it say?

In each one of us lives a story, stored in our muscles, organs and bones.

INSIDE OUT offers time to feel and listen to the instinctive and physical information that we carry in us, to play and express with imagination through the arts.This workshop brings the practice of Authentic-movement together with meditations, drawing, butoh, sophrology and verbal exchange.

Each workshop is supported with a special theme: Self-portrait, attention to one body part, the animal inside, relationships, a prayer…

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 16.21.28

When: Saturday 10 February: 13h30 – 17h30. Sunday 11 February: 10h – 17h.

Where: ‘Studio La Limite’, Brussels.

Price: 70euro for the whole weekend. Only Saturday 35euro. Only Sunday 45euro*

Inscription and more informations:

* I am open for a way of a conscious participation, for a dialogue to find a price or exchanges that is good for you and me.

Shosha van Kranendonk, 1987 The Netherlands.

Shosha started her education at the Steinerschool, where she developed her sensibility for music, painting and dance. She continued her education at Fontys Dance Academie in the Netherlands, graduating in 2010 as “dance theatre” performer.

Shosha is based in Brussels where she works as dancer, teacher and dance maker. Her interest, continuously present in her work, are: dance expression, the senses, touch and interaction with the public.
As a teacher she develops a method where the focus lies on dance as a tool to connect and to heal oneself. She works with professionals, amateurs and also people with disabilities. She is teaching and dancing with people with the sickness of Parkinson, blind people and people with a psychical handicap.
She works with Vera Tussing for the creation of Mazing 2016. Since 2013, she collaborates with Benjamin Vandewalle. In 2009, the Mammalian collective was born, an ongoing artistic research about new ways of togetherness, with Teresa Norohna Feio and Elodie Morard, giving yearly presentations.
Shosha also worked with Pia Meuthen, Einat Tuchman, Cie Transe-en-Danse, Ultima Vez. Collective Body Talker, and developed her own work in: Aan de andere kant vd Wereld, MOZART,
TRACES et SENSCAPE (2010-2014).

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