RITUAL AND MASSAGE workshop with Elle

18th to 20th of May 2018

A Tantric massage workshop unlike any other: we build up the massage ritual with an extensive preparation through breathing, moving the energy, purification and mantra singing, and then entre into a deep state of mutual devotion, focussing on one particular energy per session. In this workshop we emphasize the importance of setting a shared intention, and contextualizing the session within the broader framework of the Tantric practices of transformation.

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Would you like to work with and through the energy of your partner, and become more precise in setting an intention for a massage meditation session?

Would you like to learn different ways open your body and surrender to your soul and others’, using ancient tantra yoga and breathing techniques?

Then this weekend might be just for you. In three days we learn different forms of tantra massage and rituals. We prepare in group, working on opening the body through breathing, kriya yoga, and ritual encounter. The Tantra massage is a healing process, that touches upon our deepest being, our emotions, our sense of trust and feeling related to the other. Keep this in mind when you come: we do not require an extensive tantra experience, but an openness and respectful attitude to enter into the exchange process.

We will work in couples, alternating between giving and receiving. You can come with a partner, or come alone, and we can see if we can match you up with a partner (please specify if you’d like a woman or a man as partner).

On Friday evening we will do an opening ritual and dinner and prepare the space and the group for the coming days.

PRICES: 180 euro, 300 per couple. Student prices: 120 euro, 200 per couple

What to bring: your favorite massage oil, a lunghi (wrap-around shawl), a big towel for the massage, a smaller one to protect the cushions, loose comfortable clothing, and off course your personal hygiene stuff…

We are looking forward to welcome you!

reservations: studiolalimite@gmail.com

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