3 workshops that offer an in-depth journey into the Tantric path, in the footsteps of three great Tantric archetypes: the Mother, the Seductor/tress and the Witch. You can combine these workshops into a full course, or just come for one of the types. Every workshop is open to beginners and experienced tantriks alike, and uses dance, mantra, shadow work, tantric yoga and ritual as tools in the exploration of the deeper self.

DATES: The SEDUCTRESS/SEDUCTOR: Fri 4 to Sunday 6 MayThe WITCH: Fri 8 to Sun 10 June- The MOTHER: CHANGE OF DATES Fri 31 August to Sunday 2 September 2018

PRICES: 225 euro per workshop, 600 euro for the trilogy. Student prices: 170 per workshop, 450 for the trilogy


This is a workshop that will require vulnerability, courage and compassion. It is designed to make you uncomfortable or generate an experience, if any fear or shame about your body exists in you. We are going to see, do and share intimate and absurd things that will show you which area of physicality is holding your resistance or repulsion. If you have it in you to play, you can finally surrender your shame and self-hatred and form an unconditionally loving partnership with your body for life.

DATES: Thursday 31 May to Sunday 3 June

PRICES: 465 euro


A Tantric massage workshop unlike any other: we build up the massage ritual with an extensive preparation through breathing, moving the energy, purification and mantra singing, and then entre into a deep state of mutual devotion, focussing on one particular energy per session. In this workshop we emphasize the importance of setting a shared intention, and contextualizing the session within the broader framework of the Tantric practices of transformation.

DATES: 18 to 20 May

PRICES: 180 euro, 300 per couple. Student prices: 120 euro, 200 per couple

4. ORGASMIC BODIES (women’s workshop)

Open to all aspiring Wild Women out there, who want to liberate their bodies and minds from (self)repression, insecurity, guilt or lack of vital power. During five days we practice creating orgasmic bodies through dance, singing, conscious touch and self-love. We explore some energetic tools like the magic wand and the yoni egg, but mostly we work with our own magic capacities of shared love, ecstacy and pleasure. This workshop is both challenging and embracing, opening hidden doors to self-knowledge and acknowledging the dragons within.

DATES: 15 to 19 August

PRICE: 250 euro, 200 for students



7 sessions every Wednesday from 2 May on, 7-10 pm, 85 euro for the whole series

Open to couples or singles, these sessions dive deeper into the exploration of the Self in relation to the Other. Tantric meditations with the emphasis on opening up intimacy and confrontation, creating an ecstatic body; a body that looses it self-conscious boundaries in the embrace of co-creative bliss and awareness.




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