THE HEART CONNECTION – tantra workshop

26-28 October 2018

beautiful bleeding heart bloom blooming
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THE HEART CONNECTION is a workshop about love. Not the kind of love we have embodied through the media, cinema or pop songs, though. Because, once stripped of attachment, personal interest, expectation and manipulation, this love often leaves us empty-handed. So what is this love the sufists talk about, what is this mystical relation that liberates our minds and bodies? And, more importantly, how can we practice that heart connection together, to come out radiant, fully alive and more aware of our own patterns of self-deception or toxic habits.

In this workshop, we open our eyes to the underlying current of connection that makes us always-already related to one another. By expanding the heart, we come to embrace the other as part of us. By overcoming our close-cropped idea of identity, we discover the similarity, the human fragility that connects us to others, and to the world around us.

We will be working with kashmir yoga, mantra singing, energetic heart openers, and couple meditations. On Sunday we close with a love ritual that initiates you into the loss of self as the bridge to a new self-understanding, in and as the world.

Venue: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels (close to North Station and metro Madou or Botanique)

Times: we start at 18h on Friday, and end the workshop at 17h on Sunday

Price: 220 euro – 160 euro for students and unemployed


This series is facilitated by Elle, an experienced Tantrika. In a previous life Elle was an art critic, artistic researcher and dramaturg, before she decided to devote her life completely to her spiritual practice. 2 years ago she started up The Monastery together with her life partner: an experimental living and practice community, open to all colours of spiritual work. With The Monastery Elle explores ritual work in unexpected places.

As a Tantric she studied with different teachers and at the Rasayana Tantra University, and found an inspiring and powerful teacher in shaman-tantrik Anand Rudra, who is a regular guest at Studio La Limite. She develops a line of deeply experienced practices that focus mostly on creating a mystical relation to what lies beyound our limits of (self-)understanding and expansion.


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