WEEKLY CLASS from 17th of January to 27th of June – Thursdays 7-10pm

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Tantra is not an everyday spiritual practice. The whole body is involved in the opening up of the life energy (prana) channels, and in the exploration of the relation between the physical body, the energy body, the emotional body and the cosmic connection. Tantra, as experienced in this class, is a non-dual path towards the recognition of yourself and the other. It is confrontational, since it doesn’t shy away from difficult emotions, and experiences. Joy and anger, love and despair, fear and desire, are all part of the same life energy moving through you, the other, and the whole of the world. In the Tantra we do not just observe, but we experience fully, we do not suppress, but embrace, we do not fight, but surrender eyes wide open to our deepest source.

If you are interested in pursuing a devoted tantra practice, and invest time and dedication into this spiritual path, this is the class for you. In 20 sessions we explore different aspects of the tantra. Throughout the whole series we use ‘typical’ tantra techniques like breath work (pranayam), voice work (mantra), ritual, meditation, dance, touch and movement. The class evolves through 4 cycles, each with another colour (Basics, Orange, Blue and Red), but all connected through the same techniques that get intensified, deepened and expanded in different configurations.

The first five sessions are dedicated to Basics of Tantra: we explore different breath techniques, lay the foundation of the practice of Tantra Kriya Yoga, and dive deeper into voice work (mantra), visualisations (deity meditations), movement (sacred dance) and conscious touch. Although we also work together and in couple, the emphasis lies on the individual development and transformation through the practice. This is not a class dedicated solely to beginners though, since all meditations and practices can be performed on different levels of intensity. However, if you want to follow up with any of the other cycles, you are required to at least have followed the Basics (or another intensive tantra workshop at Studio La LImite).

After the Basics, we open the Orange Cycle: meditations and practices become more demanding, and we open up the group and couple dimension of the Tantra practice through duo tantra, and group dynamics. The emphasis here is on ritual transformation, the setting of personal intentions, and the creation of connection with yourself and others. The Orange Cycle has an intense and fiery character (although not exclusively): we learn how to produce and expand energy through the bodies, to overcome reluctance and obstacles in our personal development and in our connection to the other, and to create a strong vibration in the group.

In the Blue Cycle, we explore the spiritual dimension of the Tantra more explicitly through long-durational meditations and rituals, and voice and mantra work. The energetic work here is more subtle and fluid than in the Orange Cycle. We connect to the Goddess as the key to the greater Self and all that surrounds us.

Finally, in the Red Cycle, the couple work takes central stage, and we dive deeper into the realms (beyond) desire and mutual touch. This is not a sexual performance course though. Our partners become firstly our mirrors on the path: they show us who we truly are, they invite us to enter into vulnerability and presence, to sustain the space for the practice and each other, to confront your limitations. In a second phase the other becomes Other: the gate to the Divine that is opened up in the dissolving of the One into the Other. The couple practice is not about individual gratification, but opens up Space itself; the space to surrender, expand, and temporarily recognise one’s true nature. You can only join the Red Cycle if you have followed at least one of the previous cycles.



There are different ways to engage in the practice;

-SEASON CARD (150 euro): gives access to an unlimited number of classes between January and June 2019.-CYCLE CARD (80 euro): gives acces to the classes specific to one of the different cycles-5 or 10 class CARD (80/120 euro): gives access to 5 or 10 classes, to be chosen from the whole series. LOOK OUT: newcomers can NOT follow classes from the Orange, Blue or Red Cycle if they did not follow all of the Basics classes.-SHAKTI CARD: 5, 10 sessions or unlimited (80/120/180): Women can choose to combine the TANTRA MOVES with the WISDOM OF THE WOMB or ORGASMIC BODIES sessions.


In the BASICS CYCLE you can wear comfortable, light clothes that are easy to move in. You can also come in sarong. From the ORANGE CYCLE on we wear a sarong in the colour of the cycle. If you want I can provide you with a sarong to buy, or you can rent one for the whole series and exchange it for the right colour at the beginning of each cycle.


Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels. close to metro Madou and Botanique, 10 minutes walk from North Station.


send a mail to studiolalimite@gmail.com, and clearly mark what your participation modus would be.


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