WISDOM OF THE WOMB – shakti meetings

26/1, 23/2, 20/4***, 4/5, 22/6 – 11am to 2pm (***the meeting on 20/4 is AFTER the ORGASMIC BODIES MEETING, 3-6pm)

The Wisdom of the Womb is a series of womb meditation and practice sessions, open to anyone interested in diving deep into the secrets of the lake inside. The womb opens up the effortless gate to our deepest roots. The nourishing energy of the Mother, the ancestral line, the earth. But also the unconscious, our deepest emotions, our longing and our self-trust and love. Working with the energy of the womb, is connecting to the wisdom of the space that is inside nor outsight, limitless nor limited, male nor female.

close up photo of lensball
Photo by j.mt_photography on Pexels.com

During the Wisdom of the Womb days, we practice womb yoga, womb blessings and meditations, and movement practices. All in an informal and open-hearted atmosphere. With time to share and drink a cup of tea together. Practicing surrender in all openness.

Practically: You can join for one session (20 euro), or inscribe for the whole series (60 euro). You can also choose to combine the Wisdom of the Womb sessions with the Orgasmic Bodies. A combination card, that gives you access to all sessions costs 100 euro.

What to bring: Loose comfortable, light-weight clothing.

Where: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels, studiolalimite@gmail.com (all reservations on this address)

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