DEAD OR ALIVE, WILD WO(MAN), BE A (WO)MAN, THE VITAL CONNECTION – beyond duality workshop cycle

This new workshop cycle explores the possibility to reach beyond the limits of our self-perception, who we think we are and can be. Often we see ourselves as a given, a product of circumstances, past experiences, collected habits. But each and everyone of us is so much more thatn that.

In this cycle we break through the walls of our self-perception, and challenge our sense of being: by breaking up the boundary between living and dying (DEAD OR ALIVE), by allowing the wild, animal, creative spirit to flow through our bodies and minds (WILD (WO)MAN). By experimenting our sense of being a woman and a man, so much more rich and surprising than the cliche’s of the man/woman stereotype predict (BE A (WO)MAN!). Or by trespassing the sacred boundary that divides men from divine spirits (THE VITAL CONNECTION).

More information you can find in the separate workshop descriptions (links at the top of this post).

PRICE: 180/120 per workshop, 500/400 for the whole cycle. (reductions are for unemployed).

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