BE (A (WO)MAN) – beyond duality tantra workshop cycle

12-14 April 2019

This workshop is an invitation to just BE. Beyond the limits of what you have been taught you can be. What is it to be a man? Or a woman? All of us are made up of lively streams of wildly diverging energies, masculine and feminine, animal and spiritual, internal and external. In this workshop we will experiment broadening the boundaries of our experience of being a (wo)man. By diving deeper into archetypal energies, but also by exchanging energy bodies, transforming one energy into the other, and creating colourful, powerful, creative monsters on the way.

Ardhanarishvara is the divinity that is both man and woman. It is a figure that embodies the overcoming of gender differences through the embrace of our energetic and spritual bodies’ power to transform. Our physical bodies are not delineating our experience of being-in-the-world. Through energetic, meditation and breathing practices, we can enter into the body of the ‘other’ and (re)discover it as our own. A balanced body embraces both feminine and masculine energies. And the outcome of that may sometims be surprising.

By practicing the non-dual path, we open up previously unknown channels of energy, creativity and self-perception. We open ourselves up to another world. Wary of preconceptions and norms, rules and ‘laws of attraction’…


TIMES: starting Friday at 18h, ending Sunday at 17h.

WHAT TO BRING: sarong, comfortable light clothing, one outfit that expresses your relations to your (non)gender.

PRICE: 180/120 per workshop, 500/400 for the whole ‘beyond duality’ cycle. (reductions are for unemployed).

SPACE: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels. close to North Station and metro Madou or Botanique

Elle will share rituals and meditations from her own daily routine. As well a couple of more elaborate ceremonies. Elle is a contmporary tantric monk at The Monastery in Brussels. She also works on performances and rituals for theatres and public space, to share the spiritual work with a larger audience.

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