17-19 May 2019

To express what lies under the surface. The unmediated energy of the animal, the child, the uncivilised. We are not what we seem. What we show to the world are our civilised masks. The polite, curtailed, polished surface. But all of us have much more juicy, dark and powerful undercurrents running through our veins.

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

In this workshop we overcome the division between the human and the animal realms. We dive into ‘wild’ energies that lie within. Starting off with the snake and monkey practices, we start to transform through the expression of the non-prescribed, the non-normative. These wild practices unleash emotion, creativity and energetic flow. And open up the body to surrender.


TIMES: starting Friday at 18h, ending Sunday at 17h.
WHAT TO BRING: sarong, comfortable light clothing, 1 object that represents the animal within.
PRICE: 180/120 per workshop, 500/400 for the whole ‘beyond duality’ cycle. (reductions are for unemployed).
SPACE: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels. close to North Station and metro Madou or Botanique

Elle will share rituals and meditations from her own daily routine. As well a couple of more elaborate ceremonies of letting go. Elle is a contmporary tantric monk at The Monastery in Brussels. She also works on performances and rituals for theatres and public space, to share the spiritual work with a larger audience.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Maria giovanna ZAMBURLINI says:

    Hi Elle

    Is there any more room for the wild woman workshop?

    Are we supposed to sleep at our place I suppose, what is the time ending each day/Saturday and Friday?

    Thank you
    Maria Giovanna


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