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A tantra massage at Studio La Limite is a beautiful experience: for two hours you will be guided through different energetic states, breathed into vitality and relaxation and deeply immersed in music, touch and smell. Our massage options are flexible and can be adapted to your needs:

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  1. A Full-body Tantric massage CLASSIC: an open explorative massage session, including some breathing work and an intake talk, an opening and closing ritual and an attentive and fully engaged masseur to guide you to your inner energetic wisdom. 2 hours of pure delight, giving over to the touch and the flow of energy – 130 euro
  2. INNER GODDESS Massage: women’s session, including a yoni crystal massage. the session is for women who want to come closer to their bodies and sensuality, who want to open up their energy channels, and breathe through fear, constrictions and insecurities. A yoni massage can be included, but it is all up to you…We open up the yoni, making use of the ‘magic wand’: a crystal device to energize and open up the channels and energy points within the yoni. 2 hours – 130 euro
  3. TANTRA SESSION: longer Tantric session with Elle, which can include a Tarot reading, a longer ritual, a massage session, couple yoga, purification rites, couple work etcetera… The Tantra Sessions are devised on the basis of an opening dialogue, and we take it from there. Be ready to dive into a deep Tantric experience, alone, or together with your partner. Every Tantra session has a potential different focus: the liberation of desire, the exploration of bliss, the vertical connection, conscious touch, … Depending on your interest we can device a tailor-made program. 2h: 120 euro, 3h: 180 euro

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  1. Yvonne Foxius says:

    Helo Elle, I would like to get a massage, basic tantric or inner goddes . Is it possible for you
    next week, after 17 h ?


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