PRANA AND YOGA NIDRA – master class with Dirk Gysels

NEW DATE! Saturday 9th of May, 9h30-13h


Prana is the sap of life. Prana is Aliveness. The field of prana or vitality is the template on which are minds and physical bodies function. It is the stuff we are made of, more so than our biology. But very funny, it is like a blind spot, we are hardly aware of the energy of life. We are rational beings and have forgotten our energetic and vibrational roots. Without the restoration and cultivation of prana awareness and flow, we are crippled and imprisoned in an ill-functioning body and a shallow and restless mind.

This workshop is geared at rediscovering and strengthening this dimension within us.

In India, there have been initiatory yogic and tantric traditions that pass on the experiential knowledge of how to nourish and harness these subtle energies for wellbeing and spiritual growth. Asana and pranayama are part of this, but it is much, much more. It is a real science and art: prana vidya, the applied wisdom of prana.

In the workshop you will learn a set of energetic procedures or kriya’s to intensify and align this energy field. When done consciously and with feeling, they work wonders. These kriya’s form a beautiful tapestry of posture, breath work, the cultivation of primal sounds and subtle feelings that ignite and rebalance our energy system.

Over the years Dirk has been trained in these traditions. He feels the inner prompting to share the things he knows theoretically and experientially. 
This workshop presents some of the most gentle meditative & energy enhancing experiences available. As part of a vinyasa or flow, you will be guided in a series of easy postures, breath awareness practices, and energy locks that will lead you into the energy body and its currents.
The practices offered are absolutely safe and may lead to a profound level of relaxation, inner sensing and mental clarity. Yoga nidra, or gliding into a deeply relaxing conscious sleep state, is one of the methods that will be taught.

Apart from the pranic system, you will be introduced to the authentic traditional wisdom about the 7 major energy centers in the chakra system and instructed in how to work with them. 
Questions will be welcome throughout the sessions.

Yoga mats, cushions and chairs are provided for sitting. But you are welcome to bring your own mat. Wear comfortable non-synthetic clothes.Please note: It is important not to come high on any drugs, including weed or alcohol, to this event. Thank you for respecting this request. Also do not have a heavy meal before coming to the class. This workshop is recommended for spiritual aspirants who want to deepen their asana practices and meditation. It is also very beneficial for people who struggle with emotional turmoil, and for empaths and highly sensitive persons who feel they need to get more grounded and balanced. (High sensitivity is even asset to practice these kriya’s).
Contribution : 25 euro
ADDRESS: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels, 10m walk from North station, close to metro Madou and Botanique.

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  1. Danny says:

    Hi, Ik wil deelnemen ad workshop prana en yoga nidra. Groetjes Danny Jacqmot



    1. hallo danny, dat is genoteerd. stuur je nog even je mailadres door? dan zet ik je op de lijst


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