SACRED TECHNOLOGY OF THE LINGAM – with Anand Rudra – men only

CHANGE OF DATES! 20-22/12/2019

This workshop deals with the age old symbol of manifestation as represented by the Shiva linga. Traditionally this powerful symbol is neither masculine nor feminine, but stands for the endless potential of life to transform and appear in all different shapes and sizes. The cosmic power of transformation.

In this men’s workshop, Anand Rudra invites the participants to dive into their potential for manifestation of the Pillar of Fire: that aspect of the linga that represents the power to pulverize indecision and lingering. The inner, vertical power of transformation. The upward movement of surging energy and alchemical refinement of the chakra vibrations.

This workshop is highly energetic and makes use of the techologies of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, Chakra Based Breathing, Lingam meditations, and strong group work.

Full workshop description: click this link


Dates: 20/12 (18h) until 22/12 (16h). Expect to work in the evenings

Venue: Studio La LImite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

To bring: sarong, water bottle, 2 towels (small and big one)

Price: 200 euro + 50 euro for food. Vegan kitchen.

Accommodation: you can sleep over in the studio for 10 euro a night. Let us know when you reserve

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