In this tantra workshop, we practice the art of meditating together, of finding oneself through the other. In resonance, mimetic reflection, acceptance and visualisation. This is a beautiful workshop for couples, but certainly also for people coming alone. In relating to the other, we lose our central position in the world. The other makes us lose our stable ground, our point of departure, and invites us ‘to become undone’: to let go of certainties, of beliefs, of reference points for our emotions and securities. ‘Body Double’ is a workshop in which we practice the experience of not being limited to our given bodies, but being able to temporarily share bodies and sensations.

In this workshop we make use of tantric technologies like breathing yoga, the gaze, conscious touch, visualization and movement. We will also use the voice to break the barrier between our bodies and minds, moving our energy bodies through the space. What we need from you, is not so much years of experience, but the willingness to be present and to surrender. Even if that is not always easy, and might evoke some unexpected reactions…


Price: 200 euro for the weekend + 40 euro for food. The kitchen is vegan.

Venue: Studio La limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

To bring: sarong, small and big towel, comfortable clothes, object in which you recognize yourself.

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  1. Juliane von Crailsheim says:

    Good morning, I hoop I’m not too late for my request concerning this weekend. I could’t find the hours. Might I ask the schedule of the whole weekend?

    Would it also be possible to participate on Friday or Saturday only?



    1. hello juliane it is still possible to join this weekend, but would have to be the whole weekend, i’m afraid… we work friday and saturday until about 9.30. call me if you want to join: 0477 807382. with love, elle


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