27-29 March 2020

In this workshop we open up the gates of the womb, both energetically and emotionally. Often, coursing through our daily lives, we lose the connection to our bodies and our deepest mystery. Forgetting about the amazing ability our body holds to heal, nurture and intensify our life experience. The womb, this inner cave, leads us into an experience of space, of freedom and love.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This workshop is open to all people holding a womb (physically or energetically), and wanting to open up this space to reveal ancestral lines, heal past experiences and the prints of previous experiences, and surrender to the Mother love. We will practice energetic womb yoga, creative meditation, mantra singing, mandala work and breathing meditations.

This workshop can be combined with Womb Power (19-21 June 2020), in which we work further on the opening of the womb, using the Yoni egg and Magic Wand.


Place: the workshop takes place in Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

Times: The workshop runs from Friday 18h til Sunday 16.30. Expect to have late working sessions both on Friday and Saturday.

Price: 200 euro (140 for students and unemployed) + 50 euro for food.

SPECIAL COMBINATION PRICE: if you follow both Womb Whispering and Womb Power you pay 320 for the teachings + food (240 for students and unemployed).

Accommodation: it is possible to sleep over in the studio for 10 euro a night. Let me know when you reserve if you want to do this. And bring a cover sheet and sleeping bag.

Reservations: studiolalimite@gmail.com

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