17-23 July 2020, Kasterlee

This Tantra week is a great opportunity to practice in group. During this week we will share the Tantra practice through breathing exercise, couple meditations, tantra yoga, singing sessions and three tantric rituals to celebrate our connection to nature and the cosmic connection.

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This week is open to beginners and practiced tantriks alike. We work mostly in group, but for some meditations you will work alone or with a partner, on the basis of clear instructions and guidance. If you come with your own partner, there is the opportunity to work with them more closely. The Tantra that is shared in this week is based on the ancient texts and practices, but given a contemporary understanding. Expect to be drawn into your body and unconsious. To share energetic experiences with the other participants. To meditate yourself into bliss and oblivion. To be confronted with your monkey mind, and maybe some fears and insecurities. But all of this in a warm and hospitable environment, and facilitated by an experienced Tantrik.


PRICE: 350 for the week plus accommodation and food costs

ACCOMMODATION: we will sleep in a funky chalet in the middle of the woods. If you choose to sleep inside you pay 100 euro. If you wish to set up a tent you pay 50 euro. we will work outside most of the time.

FOOD: the food is vegan, and we cook together. any allergies should be announced beforehand, and will be taken into account if possible. If too complicated, we look for a solution together. Price for all meals is 100 euro.

TO BRING: sarong, light comfortable practice clothes, toiletries, towel, sheets for the beds, sunscreen


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  1. sonia says:

    I suppose that the courses will be taught in english and not in Dutch?


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