DANCING WITH SHADOWS – introductions to shadow work

27/2 and 23/4/2020, 7-10pm

Have you ever felt not fully alive? To surrender completely, to get lost in your laughter, to be taken over by intense sadness or exuberant joy. What is holding you back? Maybe you learned to suppress some of your most vital energies. They became secret, locked away. Shadow work brings them back. It teaches you to shift old patterns that no longer serve you, transform anger into agency, sadness into connection with yourself and others, and fear into insight and understanding. During this hands-on, experiential session, you are introduced to the concepts and tools of dancing with shadows. It will bring you in touch with deeper, sometimes hidden parts of yourself. This session allows you to feel if a full shadow dancing workshop would be a good fit for you.   

Practical information

·        Venue: Studio La Limite, Grensstraat 93, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

·        Timing: 27/2, 23/4, 7pm-10pm

·        Cost: 20 euros. 

·        Facilitator: Stijn Smeets

·        Booking: Registration and more information by emailing to studiolalimite@gmail.org

More information about dancing with shadows: www.dancingwithshadows.eu

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