SACRED UNION – online couple course

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In the Tantra, the practice of Sacred Union is a ritual of opposite energies meeting in meditation. Traditionally the union of the elements like fire and water, of colours like red (blood) and white (semen), celestial bodies (sund and moon), were used in ritual to symbolize or experience the sacred dissolving of dual opposites into the One, which would open up a surge of bliss and deep understanding.

In this course we practice through Tantric meditations this Sacred Union through different ritual exercises. Starting with basic Tantric principles of the sharing of breath, touch, movement and voice, we move into the deep sharing of energy bodies, possibly even into the exchange of bodies and awareness. All depending on the desire of the participants involved, the level of knowledge they already share, and their willingness to dive deep into the practice.

Practically, we start with an intake session, in which we get to know each other, and sketch out the contours of this journey together. Elle will then devise a sacred path for you throughout 5 rituals. In every encounter, we practice the elements needed to accomplish the ritual, which can then be performed in the intimacy of your own house (without the witnessing of the camera).

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The Sacred Union series consists of 5 sessions of 2 hours. Before the start of the series we organize a check-in sessions in which we draw out the boundaries of this journey and explore both people’s thoughts and desires towards the process. Sessions can then be booked through the booking tool, and you will get a preparation mail with some preparatory guidelines for the ritual to come.


intake and 5 sessions: 450 euro, intake and 10 sessions: 700 euro


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