TANTRA FOUNDATIONS – online individual course

online tailor-made trajectory

During this lockdown period, we might finally have the time to start the study of Tantra, or to deepen our knowledge of this beautiful practice. Tantra is above all a practice of everyday life and all that this entails: the life of a body in the world, prone to emotions, disease, mortal and fragile, full of desire and despair. But also filled with quixotic energies, bursts of vitality, and equipped with an exquisite bodily technology to open the doors to bliss, happiness and a deep insight in our true being-in-the-world.

In this online course, we start with an intake to understand your current situation and questions. Based on this initial encounter, we then develop an initial Tantra program for you, that will be developed throughout the weeks, but will for sure open up the different paths of practice: breath work, mantra, movement meditation, energy work, opening up of the energy body, connection, and deep contemplation.


The meeting will be organized online, one-on-one with your teacher Elle. Each session will take approximately 2 hours. Dates and hours can be decided on together.

PRICE: 350 euro for 5 sessions, 600 euro for 10 sessions

CONTACT: studiolalimite@gmail.com

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