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{EN] SJFN, a meditation mouvement

Meditation is a powerful technique to be more anchored in one’s body, to be able to act with more precision and more joy in your life, your environment, the world. Other nice side-effects are a better health and well-being. (more…)


25-26 February 2017

Would you like to develop your skills of touching and receiving the touch of the other, of conscious togetherness in an atomosphere of trust and deep connection? Of working with and through the energy of your partner, and becoming more precise in setting an intention for a massage meditation session? (more…)

Kali, Deconstrucing your innerself … Building up the Divine

(( Transformation by Arquetypes ))


The difference between change and transformative change is this: We change every day—in surface ways. We move from happy to sad or annoyed to bitter, patient to suffering. Those movements don’t fundamentally change us; rather they are part of the human range of emotions.

The transformative part comes in when we take that grief or bitterness or suffering and let it be the catalyst that impels us to a new state of being; that instead of experiencing our emotions as random stepping stones, we allow ourselves to see the path that is forming at our feet and dare to take it, follow it to a new awareness.
The transformative part means we change who we are, instead of merely how we feel.

An archetype is part of the human experience—it is a classic stage in emotional and psychological development and it comes to all of us at different times and in different ways. When we undergo transformative change, we move from one archetypal stage to another.

Archetypes can be a hugely helpful tool when looking at characters and their growth. We know a character must change or grow, attain some new level of awareness and archetypes can be an effective way to tap into that because they can help chart or steer our protagonist’s transformative progress. (more…)

first E / puis F

A fully relaxing and re-energizing massage, from head to feet. The aim of the session is to re-establish the vital energy flow through a vigorous and precise manipulation that follows the principles of Chinese Medicine. The technique consists of appeasing and stimulating points of energy, liberating the joints, fasciae and skin. It may also apply Reflexology on hands and feet according to the needs of each person. It has proven to be effective in the treatment of muscle spasms, stiff neck, lumbago, and other afflictions. However, the massage is rather a preventive practice, promoting the liberation of toxins, body awareness, muscular regeneration, and stress relief.

Un massage totalement relaxant et revitalisant, de la tête aux pieds. Basé sur les principes de Tui Na (massage chinois), le but de la séance est de rétablir le flux d’énergie vitale grâce à une manipulation vigoureuse et précise. La technique consiste à apaiser et à stimuler les principaux points d’énergie, à libérer les articulations, les fascias et la peau, et à appliquer la réflexologie sur les mains et les pieds en fonction des besoins de chaque personne. Il est efficace dans le traitement des spasmes musculaires, raideur du cou, Lumbago et autres afflictions. Cependant le massage fonctionne encore mieux comme pratique préventive visant à promouvoir la libération des toxines, la conscience du corps, la régénération musculaire et le soulagement des conditions liées au stress.


Feet reflexolofy + head massage (40 min)
45 €
Tui Na (70 min)
60 €
Thai Massage (90 min)
80 €

Blissful massage session (120 min)
100 €


CONTACT: +32483450644, +31640641108

Thiago Antunes graduated in Tui Na after studying for 2 years at Tai Chi Pai Lin Association in Sao Paulo (2002), attended the Tui Na Program for Massage Therapist at SENAC Sao Paulo (2003) and several workshops of Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, and Reflexology. Practiced different martial arts, such as Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Indian Kempo. As a dancer, he studied for 5 years at Nova Dança Studio in Sao Paulo, with a training based on BMC (Body Mind Centering) and M.M. Béziers’ studies on Motor Coordination. Those experiences increased his awareness and knowledge about movement health, contact with the patient, and energy manipulation. Since 2003 he works as a professional massage therapist, and has been developing a personal style that combines the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a sensitive and intuitive touch.


Thiago Antunes est diplômé en Tui Na après avoir étudié pendant 2 ans à l’Association Tai Chi Pai Lin (Sao Paulo) et a participé au programme technique de Tui Na du SENAC- SP, ainsi qu’à plusieurs workshops en Thai, Ayurvedic Massage et Réflexologie. Il a pratiqué différents arts martiaux tels que la Capoeira, le Tae Kwon Do, le Kung Fu et le Kempo Indien. En tant que danseur, il a étudié 5 ans à l’Estúdio Nova Dança de Sao Paulo, où il a été initié à la technique du BMC (Body and Mind Centering) ainsi qu’aux études de Coordination Motrice de M.M. Béziers. Ses expériences ont augmenté ses connaissances sur la santé du mouvement, de la structure ostéo-musculaire, du contact et de la manipulation d’énergie. Il a ainsi développé un style qui combine les principes de la médecine chinoise traditionnelle avec une touche sensible et intuitive, inspirée de ses diverses pratiques.

by Elle

Elle invites you for an energizing, balancing and deblocking massage, supported by warm oils and scents. We take the time for a long, in-depth session, starting with a little intake and breathing session and a ritual, to synchronize the energies between the massager and the guest. In a first session we work on the massage table, varying soft strokes and more deep-tissue work. If opportune, in a second session we can work more intensely in a body-to-body setting on the mat.

The Transcendental Massage makes use of Tantric, Tibetan and Energy Balancing techniques, to restore the flow of life energy in the body. Although a full-body, sensitive, and sensual massage, this is NOT an erotic session, so no happy endings, but we can guarantee you a blissful, happy experience throughout.

Price: 100 euro

A tarot reading can be added to this massage for 25 euros

Reservations: studiolalimite@gmail.com or send an sms to 0477/80 73 82, and Elle will contact you as soon as possible.

Isabel Burr Raty and An Mertens invite women of all ages on full moon evenings to sign up for individual womb blessings and womb healings. Womb Blessings can help women through transitions and changes in their lives, and they can be a way to celebrate and acknowledge first menses, marriage, motherhood, and menopause. Womb healings can help to discover and engage with the feminine powers that lie in the womb, and that are often blocked or underdeveloped.screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-11-59-46
Womb Blessings and Womb Healings are ritual treatments passed on by Moonmother, healer, spiritual leader and writer Miranda Grey.
Both Isabel and An have been initiated as moon mothers by Miranda Grey.

Price: 40€/session of 1h
Dates: Sun 16-10 (World Wide Womb Blessing), Mon 14-11, Wed 14-12 (World Wide Womb Blessing), Thu 12-1, Wed 22-2, Sun 12-3, Tue 11-4, Wed 10-5, Fri 9-6, Sun 9-7, Mon 7-8, Wed 6-9, Thu 5-10, Sat 4-11, Sun 3-12

Place: Studio La Limite, Rue de la Limite/Grensstraat 93, 1210 Brussels

Please register with Isabel or An:
isabelburr.raty@sacrofilms.com 0498 39 35 02
an@collectifs.net 0477 73 55 11

Dates: 11/10, 25/10, 8/11, 22/11, 6/12, 13/12, 7.30-10pm

Love. Probably the most (mis)used and least understood term in our daily vocabularies. What do we say  when we say we love (something or someone)? Do we speak about them or about ourselves? Or do we open up a mysterious ‘third space’? Do we renegotiate our sense of identity, of being, of relating? Loving, are we inventing another economy of exchange? Or are we simply disappearing into our projections of the other?


In this reading group, we come together to read texts from different traditions, and compare notes on what it is to love, or to live ‘in love’ within a respectively philosophical, political, spiritual or other context. In a close reading practice, we try to unveil the experience behind the words, the knowledge stored in our own bodies and minds, the intuitions that have never come to surface in clarity.

For the sensitive, experiential thinker, there is not one kind of love. The Hollywoodian version of the word miles apart from the spiritual understanding of ego-less surrender, or the political interpretation of love as acceptance of difference. Walking from Badiou to Krishnamurti, Judith Butler to Chögyum Trungpa, Sara Ahmed and many others, we start to map out the very diverse territories of love and its agency in today’s society.

Everyone is welcome to join at Studio LaLimite. Bring a little nibble, and we’ll take care of tea and a warm space to gather.

Dates: 11/10, 25/10, 8/11, 22/11, 6/12, 13/12 at 7.30-10pm

and LOVE GROUP WEEKEND: 16-18/12



28-30 October 2016


Are you a newcomer to Tantra? Or do you already have a solid practice, but long to share the work with a group of like-minded people? In both cases the Tantra Intensive weekend can suit your needs. In three days, we explore the Tantra in its different aspects, with a focus on inner transformation. In the tantra we work with the intensification of life energy through breath, voice and touch. We refine vital energy from the lower chakra’s into spiritiual awareness in the higher ones. Couple and group meditations, a mantra and massage session, and a group ritual make up the core of this weekend. We make use of pranayam techniques (breathing exercises) to open up the body to become more sensitive and to surrender to the flows of energy. And we use Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga (an intense form of partner yoga) to open up the transpersonal stream of prana.

Elle welcomes newcomers as well as experienced tantrika’s to step into a transformative journey. The only thing you need is an open mind, and the willingness to confront your own being, challenge obstacles and learn to give over in ‘active surrender’. In this workshop we work with respect for the limits of each of the participants, in a safe and supportive environment.

During the weekend everybody is invited to stay over, and sleep in the studio. But you can also opt to find accommodation in a B&B or a hotel nearby (plenty of options!).


The workshop takes place in Studio LaLimite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels, http://www.studiolalimite.org.

Price workshop: 100 euro / food: 25 euro /accommodation: 15 euro

Subscribe: elle@studiolalimite.org

Start: Friday, 28 at 5pm, End: Sunday, 30 at 6pm


by Yaacov Lefcoe – Sunday 18/9 at 12.00pm

Personality changes through meditation: A psychological account.

This presentation provides an overview of personality changes occurring in the course of serious and sustained meditative practice, as described in psychologically sophisticated meditative manuals of Hasidic-Kabbalistic mysticism. A stage model for these changes will be presented and explored in terms accesible to the contemporary psychology of meditation, and psychological understandings of the God relationship. No previous exposure to Hasidic mysticism or contemporary psychology is assumed.

13509008_1029664313778061_1911457514673512567_n (more…)

by Catherine Delasalle

15/10, 26/11, 10/12, 10.30-17h

Whether you are  a teacher or an actor who  feels strain using your voice
or a  student of singing, and you wish  to find more ease and freedom

or you need courage to sing outside the shower,
or you’re just curious to extend your range of possibilities in a playfull and safe way

In this workshop you will  discover and experience the pleasure of  the sound  bringing your whole body in vibration
The joy of voices sounding together
We will even improvise and create our own music