with Elle 10 sessions, starting 21/3/2017, every week Tuesday from 7 to 10pm Next month we start a new cycle of weekly Tantra Sessions. Throughout the 10 meetings we explore  the basics and more advanced practices of Tantra, a spiritual path that moves the bodymind back to the Original Intimacy. You might feel that your…


Dear (aspiring) Tantrics, NEXT WEEKEND Jessica and Elle organise the Tantra Massage workshop and there is still some space left for a couple or a woman to join us! It is also possible to join us for ONE DAY. All details at the end of the post.

SJFN, a meditation mouvement

[NL onder] [FR ci-dessous] {EN] SJFN, a meditation mouvement Meditation is a powerful technique to be more anchored in one’s body, to be able to act with more precision and more joy in your life, your environment, the world. Other nice side-effects are a better health and well-being.


25-26 February 2017 Would you like to develop your skills of touching and receiving the touch of the other, of conscious togetherness in an atomosphere of trust and deep connection? Of working with and through the energy of your partner, and becoming more precise in setting an intention for a massage meditation session?

Indian Kempo 

​Indian Kempo is a body practice inspired by movements of animals. The repertory unfolds through sensorial and anatomic explorations, movement phrases and martial  games. A wide range of physical dynamics is explored throughout the training session, improving self-awareness, flow of movement and body intelligence. Indian Kempo is a contemporary body practice inspired by the ancient Vajra…


Kali, Deconstrucing your innerself … Building up the Divine (( Transformation by Arquetypes )) The difference between change and transformative change is this: We change every day—in surface ways. We move from happy to sad or annoyed to bitter, patient to suffering. Those movements don’t fundamentally change us; rather they are part of the human…

Feldenkrais Method with Catherine Delasalle 

​The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® is a revolutionary approach for improving both physical and mental functioning through the exploration of body movement patterns and the use of attention. Have a taste of this method  Monday morning from 6 March on from 10h30 to 11h30 in studio ” La limite” 93 rue de la limite The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of…

Blissful Massage

first E / puis F A fully relaxing and re-energizing massage, from head to feet. The aim of the session is to re-establish the vital energy flow through a vigorous and precise manipulation that follows the principles of Chinese Medicine. The technique consists of appeasing and stimulating points of energy, liberating the joints, fasciae and skin….


by Elle Elle invites you for an energizing, balancing and deblocking massage, supported by warm oils and scents. We take the time for a long, in-depth session, starting with a little intake and breathing session and a ritual, to synchronize the energies between the massager and the guest. In a first session we work on…


Isabel Burr Raty and An Mertens invite women of all ages on full moon evenings to sign up for individual womb blessings and womb healings. Womb Blessings can help women through transitions and changes in their lives, and they can be a way to celebrate and acknowledge first menses, marriage, motherhood, and menopause. Womb healings…