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15 octobre
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Des ateliers qui vous permettront de faire connexion avec votre être vibratoire
Et de libérer et développer votre voix

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on Fridays from 10-13h
Still place available
Yesterday we started our first Tantra class with great success: we have 18 inscriptions. Which means we have to open up a second group slot, so everyone has enough place to breathe…
This also means there are againg places available for the Tantra classes on Friday. if you are interested or you would like to take a trial class, let me know…

26/12 – 1/12/2017

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Elle is a Tantrika, but also a monk in the experimental trans-spiritual The Monastery. In this Red Monastery week, she invites you into a ‘monastic day’ rhythm of Tantric practice: tantric meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, dancing and mantra, and a daily ritual to expand and connect your own and the others’ grasp on perception.

In the Red Monastery, you work with your temporary co-monks on constructing a transformative environment for growth and change. Supporting the others in their process, and taking the space and time to turn inwards to work on your own process. You will be working with changing partners (unless you prefer to work with your own), opening up different layers of the body (physical, emotional, energetic, cosmic).

This is a workshop for Tantriks, but also accessible for beginners, with a strong interest in developing their practice in group, exchange experiences and (body) knowledge, and dive deeper into the paradox of discipline and surrender.

We keep to a strict schedule during this week, we eat simply and follow a vegan diet, and we keep distractions (computer, phone, socializing) to a minimum, so we can fully concentrate on the work and its effects.


For more info: contact Elle on

Dates: 26/12 – 1/12/2017 in Studio la Limite,

29.9 (evening) to 1.10 (evening)

A Pilgrimage is a break with ordinary life. A chance to take a step back and exit the time restraints and pressures of daily life. For a couple of days we walk out of our habits, leaving phones and computers behind, and do a (partly scored) walk in nature. We allow for silence and companionship, creating a mindful breathing space in our heads, and sleeping in the open and improvise our way through obstacles.

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with/avec Fanny Muller, 30 septembre, 11 novembre et 3 décembre, 2-6pm


Lors de ces ateliers de Yoga du Son et de la Voix, je vous propose des exercices pratiques accessibles à tous pour vous harmoniser avec les sons de votre voix. Un atelier de Yoga du Son est une invitation à la libération vocale et énergétique ainsi qu’à la prise de conscience de notre Puissance Personnelle. La Voix ouvre notre Vraie Voie.

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Solo Concert of/van/de Catherine Delasalle, Friday 13th of Octobre, 8pm


Catherine Delasalle se produit seule dans des circonstances intimes et vous propose un extrait de son programme « Les Grands Oiseaux », accompagnée de différents instruments accordéon, ukulélé, kalimbas…. Les grands Oiseaux ont inspiré à Catherine une de ses chansons, et ce sont aussi les nomades, les tziganes, les « albatros » de Baudelaire, tous ceux qui l’ont inspirée en chemin.

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by Catherine Delasalle, 26th of September, 7-9.30 pm

F / E

Elargir le champ du possible / Opening up the field of potential
Introduction « Emotional Freedom Technique »

‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ est un outil à la fois simple et très puissant qui nous permet de nous libérer de l’impact énergétique qu’on laissé en nous des évènements du passé le plus souvent lointain et qui nous empêche de vivre notre vie pleinement et de réaliser tout notre potentiel.

‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ is a tool that is both simple and very powerful, which allows us to liberate ourselves from the energetic impact of past events that somehow stop us from living our lives fully and realise our full potential. (more…)

with Catherine Delasalle – New Series starting on Monday 11/9, 10.30-11.30

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® is a revolutionary approach for improving both physical and mental functioning through the exploration of body movement patterns and the use of attention.

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of somatic education, developed over 40 years of study and research by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is a revolutionary approach to understanding human functioning and for improving both physical and mental performance. It utilizes movement and attention to enhance our natural ability to discover, learn, change and continue to develop throughout our lives. It is applicable to anyone wanting to enhance the quality of his or her everyday life and activities. (more…)

TANTRA SESSIONS – 27/9-29/11 – 10 sessions every WEDNESDAY from 7-10pm

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We start a new cycle of weekly Tantra Sessions, to explore practices of inner transformation, expansion and diffusion.  The Tantra Series are open to beginners or to more experienced Tantrics that want to practice together. There are a lot of reasons to start on the Tantric path. You might feel that your energy is not flowing easily anymore, that your body seems alien to you, or that you can not seem to stop your mind from turning in endless circles. You might feel the need to reconnect to yourself and to others, and find another way of dealing with the world around you. Maybe you experience some difficulty relating to your sensual and sexual energy, or want to open up your body and mind to the Other. Or maybe you spiritual path calls you to explore a challenging, deeply confronting but also rich and rewarding practice.

Tantra is a non-dualistic path, that doesn’t judge or oppress any of these signals. Mainly you are invited to develop your inner voice, your intuition, and your being-in-the-world, feeling part of a bigger whole. We will do a lot of body work; dynamic yoga, breathing exercises, dance and movement, ritual and meditations. And we invite you to let go. Of prejudice, of judgment, of fear. Embracing the rhythm of your own being, in body and spirit.

The only thing you should bring is openness and a bit of courage to open up to these parts of yourself that haven’t seen the light for a while. Tantra is not therapy, but it does have a healing effect when practiced with abandon. Sometimes confrontational, other times hilarious, we invite you to open up to the Wild Woman or Man within, in a safe environment of mutual trust and with respect for your own boundaries.

Price for the whole series: 110 euro

for info or reservation send a mail to,