You are warmly invited to the Meditation Brunch

this Sunday 30/7 at Studio La Limite.

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we meet at 10.30 for a meditation session, and then share an improvised brunch together. if you can not make it at 10.30, you can just join in round 12am. we will take care of some basics, but you are warmly invited to bring something particularly exciting to the table. if the weather is nice, we can sit outside on the rooftop terrace.

Address: rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

hope to see you on sunday.
with love,
Elle & Stijn


Inner Goddess, Transcentental Massage, or a ritual Tantra Session

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Let yourself be taken on a Tantric Journey:

the Inner Goddess massage session is for women who want to come closer to their bodies and sensuality, who want to open up their energy channels, and breathe through fear, constrictions and insecurities. A yoni massage can be included, but it is all up to you…
the Transcendental Massage is open to all, an open explorative massage session, including some breathing work and an intake talk, an opening and closing ritual and an attentive and fully engaged masseur to guide you to your inner energetic wisdom.

a Tantra Sesssion is a longer Tantric session with Elle, which can include a Tarot reading, a longer ritual, a massage session, couple yoga, purification rites, couple work etcetera… The Tantra Sessions are devised on the basis of an opening dialogue, and we take it from there. Be ready to dive into a deep Tantric experience, alone, or together with your partner.


Inner Goddess massage, 90 minutes: 80 euro, including Yoni massage 120 minutes: 110 euro

Transcendental Massage, 120 minutes; 120 euro

Tantra session, 3 hours; 180 euro for single, 220 euro for couple

reservations through or SMS (only!) 0477/80 73 82



30/6: Intro evening The Embodiment of Tantra, mixed group
1/7: The Power of Ritual for Sacred Sexuality, mixed group
2/7. Sacred Touch & Body Energy, yoga and massage day for men

Mexican-Born Tantric teacher Anand Rudra was raised in a Shamanic family, where he got introduced into healing and shamanic work by his father and grandmother, who was a Yaqui Medicine Woman. From a young age on he was attracted to the esoteric, studying tarot, phychomagic, symbology, ritualism and later diving deeply into the tantra and developing shamanism further into his own unique blend of healing and transformational body practices, including massage, transformational yoga, Tantric ritual and healing work, Shamanic embodiment, etcetera…embodied tantra (more…)

27/5 at 10am to 28/5 at 5pm

Would you like to develop your skills of touching and receiving the touch of the other, of conscious togetherness in an atomosphere of trust and deep connection? Of working with and through the energy of your partner, and becoming more precise in setting an intention for a massage meditation session?

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 13.40.46 (more…)

Weekend workshop 28-30/4/2017, Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

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This intensive Tantra weekend explores the boundaries of consciousness, experiencing ourselves through the others as spacious beings, expansive and permeable to what surrounds us. The workshop is open to experienced and beginning Tantrikas. We will build trust and togetherness through ecstatic breathing, joyful yoga, massage, collective rituals and tantric couple meditation. (more…)

Transformational Breath® Discovery Workshop
on 1 April 2017, 10:30 am – 13:30 pm
at Studio la Limite, Rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

What is Transformational Breath® (TBr)?
Do you want to discover the most simple and powerful tool for Health & Happiness? And learn how to best use it? You are invited to participate at this half-day Breath workshop.
TBr uses conscious, connected, diaphragmatic breathing to open restricted breathing patterns, releases negativity, awakens your own healing possibilities and connection with yourself and life.
It brings Transformation in the area of where you need it most.
You can learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, top up your energy levels, prevent burnout and improve your physical and emotional health.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.48.06.png