TASTE of TANTRA: 2 tantra introduction days

11th of June and 6th of August with Elle A Taste of Tantra day is an opportunity to get to know the basics of the Tantra practice. We provide a safe and open, a playful and concentrated environment, in which you can dive into the adventure of surrender, self-knowledge and connection.


Dream Opening® intensive course, onsite in Brussels + online Dreams are a powerful tool for transformation and manifestation. They are a way of body showing you, in images, where you are, what is your potential, where you are going, but also where you are blocked and how you can transform the blockage and create a…


27/5 at 10am to 28/5 at 5pm Would you like to develop your skills of touching and receiving the touch of the other, of conscious togetherness in an atomosphere of trust and deep connection? Of working with and through the energy of your partner, and becoming more precise in setting an intention for a massage…

TANTRA INTENSIVE – Falling backwards into Original Intimacy

Weekend workshop 28-30/4/2017, Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels This intensive Tantra weekend explores the boundaries of consciousness, experiencing ourselves through the others as spacious beings, expansive and permeable to what surrounds us. The workshop is open to experienced and beginning Tantrikas. We will build trust and togetherness through ecstatic breathing,…

LIBERER LA VOIX/VOIE with Fanny Muller

Atelier Le 2 avril, au Studio La Limite à Bruxelles, de 11 à 16h. Chanter en groupe notre Vraie Voix et avoir Foi en notre Voie… Lors de cet atelier, je vous invite à rejoindre l’univers infini des sons purs et de la Voix libérée.


Transformational Breath® Discovery Workshop on 1 April 2017, 10:30 am – 13:30 pm at Studio la Limite, Rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels What is Transformational Breath® (TBr)? Do you want to discover the most simple and powerful tool for Health & Happiness? And learn how to best use it? You are invited to participate…


The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® is a revolutionary approach for improving both physical and mental functioning through the exploration of body movement patterns and the use of attention. Have a taste of this method Monday morning from  6 maart on from 10h30 to 11h30 in Studio La Limite
, 93 rue de la limite, 
1210 Bruxelles


Coming up: a new Tantra Intensive weekend for all lovers of tantric ritual, ceremony, yoga and meditation. More information coming up, but if you want to keep the dates free, mark 28-30/4 in your agenda… Elle


with Elle 10 sessions, starting 21/3/2017, every week Tuesday from 7 to 10pm Next month we start a new cycle of weekly Tantra Sessions. Throughout the 10 meetings we explore  the basics and more advanced practices of Tantra, a spiritual path that moves the bodymind back to the Original Intimacy. You might feel that your…