Trois dimanches:

15 octobre
26 novembre
10 décembre

Des ateliers qui vous permettront de faire connexion avec votre être vibratoire
Et de libérer et développer votre voix

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on Fridays from 10-13h
Still place available
Yesterday we started our first Tantra class with great success: we have 18 inscriptions. Which means we have to open up a second group slot, so everyone has enough place to breathe…
This also means there are againg places available for the Tantra classes on Friday. if you are interested or you would like to take a trial class, let me know…

29.9 (evening) to 1.10 (evening)

A Pilgrimage is a break with ordinary life. A chance to take a step back and exit the time restraints and pressures of daily life. For a couple of days we walk out of our habits, leaving phones and computers behind, and do a (partly scored) walk in nature. We allow for silence and companionship, creating a mindful breathing space in our heads, and sleeping in the open and improvise our way through obstacles.

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