SUMMER TANTRA WEEK – 17-23/7/2020, Kasterlee

WISDOM OF THE WOMB DAY – 30.8.2020, Kerkom

DANCING WITH SHADOWS – 2-4 October, Kerkom


DAILY CYBER CIRCLE – during the whole period of lockdown

SACRED UNION = online couple course

TANTRA FOUNDATIONS – online individual course

BREATHING LIFE – online individual course



BLOOM YEAR TRAINING: 8 workshops, 2 kaula weeks, personal mentoring and much more…

15-17/5/2020: VIBRATING BODIES with Elle

19-21/6/2020: WOMB POWER with Elle (women only)

1-3/3: DEAD OR ALIVE with Elle

21-24/3: RED LUST, ORGASMIC BODY WORKSHOP with Anand Rudra

12-14/4: BE A (WO)MAN with Elle

25-28/4: THE ART OF BREATHING with Anand Rudra

4/5: PRANA WORKSHOP with Dirk Gysels

17-19.5: WILD (WO)MAN with Elle

14-16/6: THE VITAL CONNECTION with Ell

30/9: Taste of Tantra Day, with Elle

26-28/10:The Heart Connection, tantra workshop with Elle

11/11: Taste of Tantra Day, with Elle

23-25/11:Shadow Work Seminar with Liz, Nick, and Stijn

13-16/12: Tibetan Pulsing, tantra massage workshop with Anand Rudra

21-23/12: Rituals for Dying and Living, shadow tantr workshop with Elle and Stijn

31/12-6/1/2019: The Red Monastery, tantra practice week

2/6/2018: Taste of Tantra day with Elle

8-10/6/2018: The Witch, with Elle and Jessica

28-29/7: Taste of Tantra weekend with Elle

18-22/8: Orgasmic Bodies with Elle (for women only)

CHANGE OF DATES 31/8-2/9/2018: The Mother Space, with Elle

18-20/5/2018: Ritual and Massage workshop with Elle

4-6/5/2018: The Seductress/Seductor, with Elle

9-13/4/2018: The Red Monastery, monastic Tantra week

30/3-2/4/2018: de-ARMOUR Tantra workshop with Anand Rudra

3/3/2018: Taste of Tantra Day wih Elle

24/3/2018: Taste of Tantra Day wih Elle

1-4/2/2018: To Desire and Beyond – Tantra workshop with Elle

2-5/1/2018: The Blue Monastery – Ascetic and Mystical practice week with The Monastery

11-17/12: The Red Monastery – Tantra practice week with The Monastery